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While raising a large family, I learned that having it all is not as hard as you would think!

As parents, our wish is to have happy, healthy children and continue to maintain a happy medium while doing this!

Today with all the choices of organics, non GMO’s and social media filling our childrens time & minds, it’s becoming harder for us to know how to raise our kids.

Increasing bonding time with our kids is essential to direct them to the things we know are better.

 Sometimes as parents, we are even guilty of escaping to social media for entertainment or answers in hope of lifting our spirits which can easily become depleted with all of the energy we put into parenting!

Here are some tips & advice I will share with you on how to find a balance! 


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Quality time is key in order to bond with your kids. My blogs on unique travel destinations will help you plan trips that will be memorable for you and your kids and give you ideas and information on places your kids will never forget!  IMG_2472


Imagine sitting on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica while watching monkeys swinging in the trees in their natural habitat!



Consider visiting one of our many beautiful Historic National Parks such as the Grand Canyon doing a short hike with older kids or teenagers.


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Snorkeling with the Sea Loins in The Sea of Cortez at the Cabo Pulmo Nat’l Park is a trip that my kids will never forget! 

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My blogs on health & recipes gives you information on keeping kids healthy & on the path of good eating habits! Try my low sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!


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My blog on Fear Of Flying is how to overcome anxiety & how I was able to get on a plane by taking a Remedy which still helps me to this day & is safe for children.


Bitter End


How to restore Romance in Virgin Gorda shares my story of when my marriage was becoming more of a friendship, which is common while raising small kids & gives you advice on how to get the romance back in your life again!

So enjoy my website and don’t forget to read my weekly Spiritual message hoping to lift your mood! Be well!

Please leave a comment or issue you would like to get information on and I will be happy to share what has helped me get through many problems or experiences!  










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  1. nick vero

    Great site Ellen.! Thought provoking and very informative. I enjoyed reading about your journeys and the benefits traveling have brought to both you and your Family

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