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What is Chelation?

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a safe and effective method for removing toxins and metabolic wastes from the bloodstream. Chelating agents administered intravenously, can help reverse atherosclerosis and can prevent heart attacks and strokes.


Chelation comes from the Greek word chele meaning “to claw” or “to bind.” Chelation therapy is used to rid the body of heavy metals especially lead and mercury and is used to reverse the process of atherosclerosis in part with the removal of the calcium content of plaque from the artery walls.


In the 1950’s, Norman Clarke, Sr. was treating workers at a battery factory for lead poisoning when he noticed that some of his patients had improved angina symptoms following chelation therapy. Clarke administered chelation therapy to patients with angina pectoris and found that they all showed some improvement. He published his findings in The American Journal of Medical Sciences.

Is Chelation therapy safe?

According to the current drug safety standards, aspirin is about three and a half times more toxic than EDTA which is the drug used in Chelation therapy. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), has yet to receive FDA approval for anything other than lead and heavy metal toxicity, but thousands of physicians recommend and use Chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease and other related health issues.


Several years ago, after I was not feeling well for quite sometime, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  After several months of antibiotics and still having several health issues, I decided to remove toxins from my body with Chelation treatments. My health started to improve slowly since the EDTA was removing free radicals, allowing my immune system to work better by letting my body heal itself.

If you’re considering chelation therapy, discuss it first with your health care provider.

If you decide to use Chelation, choose the practitioner carefully. Give all your health care providers a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. After about 4 treatments, I started to feel better and noticed I had more energy and continued with several more treatments until I felt my health was fully restored.


Why won’t my doctor recommend Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy saves lives and billions of dollars, but your doctor probably isn’t offering this as standard treatment, because, as I have said many times, doctors, don’t learn two of the most important things in medical school: How to help people improve their nutrition and how to deal with environmental toxins before considering drugs. However, it is good to be skeptical of claims that chelation therapy is an effective treatment for cardiovascular disease and the many other conditions for which it is promoted. Believing that chelation therapy for heart disease or other serious medical problems can be harmful if it results in the delay of scientifically proven medical treatments that need imminent attention.

So consider this therapy after you have decided that cholesterol lowering drugs are not for you and choose a physician that offers Chelation along with traditional medicine.

Where do I go for Chelation Therapy?

You can google a doctor in your area that offers Chelation Therapy along with other non traditional health care treatments! I go to The Family Wellness Center in Middletown, New Jersey and found that my doctor has always focused on treating me specifically, rather than treating just my disease. With nutritional support and the reduction and removal of environmental toxins, my immune system takes over with improvement in m overall health and longevity. 

This practice also offers hyperbaric oxygen therapies, intravenous nutritional support, natural thyroid and hormone replacement therapies and osteopathic manipulative therapies among many other modalities to holistically help people achieve a healthy life. The office has a very quiet, pleasing atmosphere and I always find a friendly person that I can chat with who offers their interesting story of how they came upon Chelation therapy and how it has helped them!   

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