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How do I know which Supplement to take?

Muscle testing is a way to test your body for Remedies or Supplements. It works through the field of Kinesiology


muscle testing

How do I do muscle testing?

Get a partner, stand facing one another. Your partner should raise their arm, straight out, directly to the side at shoulder height. Their arm should be straight. Don’t use your arms or shoulders that have been injured. The arm and shoulder used to test, needs to be able to to resist a downward force. Once your partner is holding the item to be tested, push down on their arm.


When pushing down on their arm, only exert enough force to overcome the arm’s resistance. Stop pushing when you feel the arm buckle. Very little force will be needed when your partner tests “weak” on something.

If the arm stays strong they have a “positive” response. If the arm goes “weak”, then it is a “negative” response.Their other hand will be holding the item (close to their chest) such as a supplement or remedy that they want tested.


How does this work?

Einstein and Quantum Physics confirm that everything is energy. Each item and each one of us has a unique energy. Maybe you think your body recognizes things only through your senses? Well, try testing a few items such as a healthy food such as a bananna then a sugary item such as a cookie or piece of candy. Do not use chocolate since it does have an antioxidant factor.Muscle test them on someone with their eyes closed. Then test them with their eyes open.

The personal responses will be the same for each item tested whether the eyes are open or closed. This is because our body’s energy is responding energetically to the energy signature, or vibration, of each item tested.

Why would I do Muscle Testing?


Muscle response testing can also find areas of energy weakness in the body. By you touching points on their body that are associated with different organs or energy meridians, and simultaneously muscle testing them with their other arm, you can find areas of energy weakness in their body. I would do this with my kids when I wasn’t sure which remedy to use if a remedy would have several uses such as Belladonna. You can also test foods especially if you are gluten sensitive or your kids have food allergies. They can hold the food you are questioning and a weak response will tell you their body does not want the food tested.

Have fun with this exercise and remember this is only a guide and not a cure for any disease. As always, self education is the best way to staying healthy.

Good Luck & be Happy, Healthy & Hopeful!

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