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A few years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After 3 months of strong antibotics to kill the spirochete, my Lyme became supressed, but the antibotic side effects gave me an unbalanced stomach environment which gave me very painful stomach aches.

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I started to research other healing techniques and read about energy therapy which would address all my physical and emotional challenges. I was blessed to find a Insightful Energy Therapist named Adam Gell of Guided Light Healing, who I contacted and after a few sessions, my stomach pain gradually went away.


Healing happens on both a physical and emotional level. Many of us know places in our bodies where we have physical pain but sometimes overlook the bridge of how our emotional state causes the ailments we suffer from.

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Our diet, our environment, and our thoughts can have a great impact on our well being specifically the amount of energy we have. The energy that allows us to live our lives with vigor and enjoyment. Many times when we run out of energy we look for alternatives in the form of sugars, high amounts of caffeine and other substances that instead of helping us in the long run place an greater amount of stress on the body which over time leads to adrenal burnout.

Recently many of you might have heard or have a deeper understanding of how we need to revitalize our energy from within, but also from our environment. In the forms of Tai chi, yoga and everyday exercise. But sometimes we have reached a place where while we do various alternative methods we still need an extra amount of assistance. This can come in the form of Reiki, Pendulum healing and to get a better understanding of our place in our current development the use of an Akashic Records.

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These modalities offer healing on a deeper level and help with various emotional breakthroughs that allow the body to be a more adaptive and receptive vessel for revitalized energy and improved healing.

If you would like to contact Adam for a consultation, please visit his website below! Be Happy & Healthy!





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