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Restoring Romance in Virgin Gorda!

When you start to become friends more than lovers, it’s time to get away to a Romantic destination!


When all my kids were small, we barely had time to finish a conversation with each other, never mind have a romantic evening making love!  Having too little intimacy in our marriage was creating a strain on our relationship causing us to argue all the time. Lucky for me, I realized that all we needed was to get away and rekindle the romance I knew was there!

Bitters End (2)

Book an all inclusive that is geared towards couples!

I booked a destination for one week at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  This all inclusive hotel is found on the remote Island of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. A flight to Tortola, then a short boat trip to Virgin Gorda! This place was just what we needed!

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Talk about what you love about each other! If you keep ending up in an argument, write down the one most important thing you wish your partner will acknowledge!  
As we arrive to the island by boat, I am pleasantly surprised by how remote it is. Our room was nestled in the side of the hills and is overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. A screened in porch has a hammock which we spent most mornings enjoying the view sipping our coffee! So romantic! The highlight for me was that the room did not have a TV! It might seem hard to imagine living without one but it created the atmosphere that was needed to talk, without any interruptions! We talked about all the things we needed to change going forward, restoring our relationship when we went home!


I felt that he never was really listening to me, when I would vent about a difficult day with the kids! He said that he felt that he wasn’t feeling appreciated when he helped out, since I stopped saying Thank You!


What makes Bitter End so special is that they give you a sailing lesson in the beginning of the week and let you use a small skiff (sail boat) for the week so that you can practice your skills. I must say it was an amazing experience exploring all the small uninhibited islands all around Virgin Gorda.
us on the little motor boats (2)
Sailing is a patient man’s sport as it is dependent on the wind. The class that they gave us spent time on observing the ripples in the water reading the winds direction. What they didn’t teach us was how to get back to the resort when there was no wind and lunch was only a two hour window. Several days we would find ourselves hand paddling back ferociously to make it back before lunch ended.



This place was just what our marriage needed having quality time together! Putting your marriage last is something most parents are guilty of never going on vacation without their kids!
If you prefer another type of get away that is not an all inclusive, St. Martin is a great destination with quiet beaches where you can take long walks or search for sea glass which is my favorite unknown tip about this island! La Villa on the french side is a very romantic restaurant that I highly recommend! The food is amazing and the service was impeccable!
if your an outdoor couple and would like a great two day hike that is moderate and very romantic, i would recommend the hike of your life!
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so consider a romantic dinner and an overnight stay at a hotel with a spa! It can create the atmosphere that you both need to talk about what is bothering you so you can reconnect! read more on my blog about The Key to a Happy marriage! 
The best gift you can give your children are happy parents who love each other so book a romantic Trip today!

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  1. Dory

    And I’m sure paddling feriously reaffirmed your appreciation for each other, too. 😉 Keeping an open and intimate connection is not only important when kids are younger. It’s important when they are leaving the nest, too. Thanks for sharing Ellen.

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