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How to control your Fear of Flying!


After a wonderful week away, my husband and I are now on our way back home from the Virgin Islands and board an uncomfortably small plane from the Island of Tortola to get back to Puerto Rico. It begins to rain and the sky becomes dark.




Prior to this flight, I used to love to fly! 


Never being afraid to fly before, I didn’t even notice the approaching storm. The plane now takes off and after about ten minutes into the flight, the plane hits a huge bump and I see the lighting outside the window. The Captain turns on the seat belt light and comes on the air and announces “well folks, we seemed to have hit a storm, so buckle up and we should be through it in a few minutes!” I crouch down into my seat as to prepare for a crash landing and hold on for dear life! The plane was bouncing around pretty badly and it felt like we were on a roller coaster! My husband still claims that it wasn’t that bad, but I was terrified!


After the longest half hour of my life, we landed safely in Puerto Rico! Due to our delay, we were cutting it close to make our connecting flight to NJ. My husband starts to run to make our flight and I sit down on the floor like a German Shepard just about to get a bath.


“Oh no I can’t get on another plane!” “Seriously?” replies my husband”? “We’re going to miss our flight!” “I’m so sorry, I say” I then begin to have my first ever panic attack! Never having one before, I announce “I think I’m having a heart attack!”


Well, we now wind up in the airport emergency room and I am all hooked up to an EKG machine when the Tech announces “you are just fine and not having a heart attack!”  Go and have a glass of wine and calm down!” “Wine? Is he kidding? What is wine going to do?” Needless to say, we did miss our flight and after several hours and a few glasses of wine, my husband had the pilot of our flight to Newark come out to inform me that the storm has passed and that we would have a smooth flight home.
Although i was totally embarrassed, it did help to have his reassurance and I got on the plane! Since then, I am still apprehensive about flying, but find that my love of traveling and the realization of how safe it is to fly, gets me on the plane every time! I also know that as parents, we are our children’s role models.  If I lead by example, and overcome my fears, then my children are more likely to do the same.


rescue remedy

 If needed, I take a few drops of Rescue Remedy by Bach. I keep it in my pocket and it really helps relieve anxiety. It can be found in my Amazon ad on the right or most Health Food Stores will carry it. I find it really helps calm my nerves. Sometimes just having something to hold onto keeps me from the “what if’s”
It contains a combination of Flower Essences and has been around since the 1930’s. It can help you relax and is safe for everyone including children, the elderly and even your pets.
We still travel at least twice a year, and lucky for me, I have not had another incident like the flight that day. However, when I start to think about my flight to my next destination and start to feel anxious, I quickly change my thoughts to what a great feeling it is when the wheels of the plane hit the tarmac and I look out the window and see the palm trees whizzing by. I can barely wait to get off the plane to begin my next journey to a place that I have never been before!

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