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Is the key to life Keeping The Faith?

 Faith is believing in something we cannot see!


I consider myself like most people who question where we came from and where we will go when we die. Through prayer and meditation, we can obtain a sense of peace, serenity and hope, especially when we are going through difficult times!
Start focusing on the things that will make you happy with prayer and affirmations! I am happy, healthy and good things will come to me! I am smart, beautiful and a child of God. I will get through any challenge with his love & guidance!


 This is my story of how I let go and gave god my anxiety upon hearing the worst news possible, just a few days before my son’ wedding!
it was a tuesday morning and my cell phone rings.
The assistant from my doctors office advises me that the doctor needs to speak with me regarding a sonogram I had two weeks prior.
I went to see the GASTROENTEROLOGist after months of having stomach aches. He suggested that I have an endoscopy. I wanted to wait until after the wedding, which was only two weeks away. I had the sonogram assuming it was protocol and never gave it a second thought!

keep the faith

I clearly know this phone call cannot be good news.

The doctor walks into the examining room and say’s, “there’s a lesion on your pancreas!”


“Seriously?” I say, jumping out of the chair, what’s a lesion?” “It’s a mass and I’m not sure what kind.”  He hands me a prescription for the MRI and says, “do you have any questions?”  “Yes”! “How am I going to get through my sons wedding on saturday”?


I happen to love all cultures and find all religions interesting, believing we are all connected in some way.  God is probably like a Mom who is forgiving and always there when we need him. Sometimes we pray for things that don’t come to us but in the long run, the final result is the best outcome so I usually pray for guidance and strength more than my immediate need!


photoIt’s now the morning of my sons wedding and I’m thinking that this should be a magical day, but all I can think about is the outcome of my MRI. Driving to the church, I look down and see my husband’s hand holding mine and I realize how special this moment is regardless of the outcome of the MRI, I’m grateful that I’m not going through this alone and I start to pray for strength.

A Miracle takes place!


We arrive to the church about an hour before the wedding. My son is excited and looks so handsome. He tells me that the wedding might be a few minutes late due to a healing mass going on in the church.
Wow! How is this possible? Off I go, up the stairs into the church and I sit down listening as the priest is talking about how difficult life can be sometimes. I do know in my heart my problems are nothing compared to most who live with terminal illness daily. The priest then asks us to line up for his blessing and when my turn comes, He puts his hands on my head, blesses me. as I turn around and start to walk down the aisle, i feel like a weight has been lifted off of my SOLDER’S. I start to feel like everything will be okay and miraculously, I’m not feeling anxious anymore.


Frank & I wedding

The wedding was just beautiful and To this day, I am still amazed when I look at this picture of me and my husband and see how happy I was that day! I can only believe that it was divine intervention that had taken place! Having the healing mass just minutes before the wedding, was the small miracle I needed to not only get through the wedding, but to have it become one of the most memorable days of my life!


Having prayer in your life is not only important,

it’s a necessity!

How can you remember to pray for grace everyday?

I wear a prayer bracelet!

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