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When do I get to stop worrying!

As I sit drinking my morning coffee, it just dawned on me that tomorrow morning my youngest son dean will be starting his 800 mile hike of The Arizona National Scenic Trail. The trail which was developed by a Northern Arizona Teacher, goes from Mexico to the Utah border and traverses the whole length of the state of Arizona.


He has been dreaming of hiking the Appalachian Trail all his life, however, since it takes 4 months to complete, the arizona trail was a great way to break into thru hiking! he also decided that since he lives in Flagstaff, the Arizona trail will be much more convenient and he will be doing it in reverse starting in utah. The hike should take him about 6 weeks to complete.



Dean, Gina & Ruca with the San Francisco Peaks in the distance! 


The Arizona Trail begins at the Coronado National Memorial near the US Mexico border and goes north through Tucson, then leading to higher elevations of Northern Arizona going through Flagstaff hiking the San Francisco Peaks. The trail then continues across the Coconino Plateau which I hiked with him last summer, then on to the Grand Canyon! The Trail terminates near the Utah border in the Kaibab region.



Lucky for me, he is doing it with his girlfriend Gina who also loves to hike, so I am happy they have each other when it get’s rough. I’ve recently watched a reality show “Naked & Afraid” and know it probably won’t be as bad at that but I am concerned about snake bites and exhaustion. The fact that they are not sleeping in a tent can also give me anxiety but he says that it would be way too heavy to carry the tent doing at least 18 miles a day.


Dean in boat with Bud (2)

We go from holding their hands while crossing the street, to the joyous experience of them pulling out of the driveway the day they get their drivers license and now I will sit every morning hoping and praying that he was not too cold or too tired the night before!
So when do I get to stop worrying? Probably never!
I guess that’s why the big guy is in charge, because in just a few short weeks, my oldest son brett is expecting his first baby and I can focus on all the little worries again like “what kind of rash is this?” and “how come they are only sleeping 2 hours?” It will take my mind off my other son who will be half way through his hike while holding my first grandchild thinking to myself, “worrying is not so bad!” it means that I am lucky enough to have children to love and be a part of their lives as they now begin their lives as new parents and will also start to worry and experience that same love which we call family!

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  1. Peggi

    A beautifully written story. The worrying never stops. We hope only good things for our children and never want them to experience hardship. But, that’s what makes them grow.
    Good luck to Dean on his exciting trip. And good luck to you on being a first time grandma soon!

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